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Pro Pinball VR (Pro Pinball BP) - another interesting new application, which in its essence is the first representative of its genre - a game of pinball in the virtual world.

Running the application and putting on the VR headset will simply amaze you with the realistic environment that the developers in this toy could make. You will appear in a small apartment, where in addition to the window and the bed there will be a game machine. Going to him, you will have to pull for a special "lever" and run the ball.

After that, you will need to do everything the same as when playing 3D Pinball in regular applications. You score points, you control the drummers and try to prevent the worst - the fall of the ball between the doors. The machine's display will show how many points you have received, and also all the combos activated by you, launching the ball to all sides of the table.

For those who have never tried on a VR headset and just do not have it, do not be upset, since the application can easily be turned on in the classic mode, although of course you will not be able to feel such an effect of presence.



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