Cat Walks in Phone Cute Joke

Cat Walks in Phone Cute Joke
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Cat Walks in Phone Cute Joke (Walking Cat in the Phone Joke) - a nice application that will appeal to all age groups of gamers, from the youngest to people with a lot of life and gaming experience. In this toy you have to take care and do not leave for a long time one small funny and cute kitten. The application is extremely entertaining, and as soon as you download it, but your phone will immediately be populated by a fluffy kitten.

The application, unlike the majority of toys, will not require absolutely no permission from the user. All you need to do is run the game and hit Cat. And already a couple of seconds right on the phone's desktop will be a "real" cat, which will walk from one side to the other and at the same meow to attract the attention of its new owner. Note that in this application you can independently adjust the size of your pet, as well as its placement on the display, turn off or turn on sounds that your virtual caustic animal will publish.

In this case, all the game takes very little meta.

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