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Little Panda Policeman
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Little Panda Policeman (Little Panda Policeman) - this is a good toy, which for sure will really like the kids.

The main character is a panda policeman trying to defend a small city from crime. Robbery or loss of things - the bold guard of the law always rushes to the rescue. This hero has even different types of clothes that are suitable for certain purposes. Everything will begin very simply: a call will be made, and you will go to meet adventures. After all the tasks that you perform, there will be morality.

The whole application just glows cheerful and bright tones, and the characters themselves will look very cheerful and happy. Management is dotted with the most detailed tips, this is done so that even the smallest players can understand without any problems.

There are several game directions mixed in the application: here you will find the search for a subject in disorder, and some runner, but in this case you will have to run after the robbers along a path that is full of obstacles, even a genre of three-in-a-row favorite.


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