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Hello Yogurt (Hello Yogurt) is an application that will immerse a player in the laborious process of researching lactobacilli. In this you will be seriously helped by the learned scientist Mechnikov.

The history of the game will tell about the studies in which scientists fought over the solution of the issue of aging. In his travels, Mechnikov noticed that there are a lot of centenarians in Bulgaria. The scientist concluded that this is due to the famous Bulgarian yoghurt.

The gamer will conduct a study of lactobacilli and gradually improve them, and then go on to experiments. After drinking yogurt you will play for the very bacterium, which is sharp and fun will jump in the body.

We'll have to go as far as possible, which will enable us to earn coins for further improvement. It is necessary to be attentive all the time, so as not to crash into any obstacle, as they will greatly shorten the period of the life of the bacterium. In the process of the game you can get acquainted with other representatives in living organisms, some of them will be friendly and will be able to help you in difficult moments.


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