Oil Hunt 2 - Birthday Party

Oil Hunt 2 - Birthday Party
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Oil Hunt 2 - Birthday Party is the next part of a fun game project in which the player has to show dexterity and prudence.

There is a small background: the main character was planning to celebrate his birthday, but there is not a single guest at the party. Now, to lure friends to the holiday, our ward goes on a hunt for treats. Ironically, oil serves as a treat.

The game process is divided into several stages, which in turn consist of parts. So gradually we recruit guests in the hall for the celebration.

We find ourselves in locations that differ from each other, except that the shape of the holes where the oil is located and the background picture. The protagonist has at his disposal a certain tube, which is able to expand, while increasing in length. It is a kind of well, thanks to which oil splashes onto the surface in different directions. The user must correctly calculate the depth of the pit in order to collect all the liquid. If the end of the tube is in the ground, then this automatically becomes an unsuccessful completion of the level.


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