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Looney Tunes (Lonely Mood) is a fascinating arcade app featuring characters from the popular cartoon series called "Funny Melodies".

The user should be engaged in the restoration of the town, which has suffered from dirty tricks from an alien named Marvin. We will be helped in this event by Bugs Bunny, who became the most famous among the characters in the Warner Bros. animation universe.

Game mechanics is clear and simple - the player must cope with tasks, get valuable resources for this and gradually build all the buildings in a new way. In addition, it is necessary to take part in fights with other heroes, when the two teams meet on the battlefield.

Battles are held in a step-by-step mode. At the turn, each hero can use only one of his abilities. Fighting is accompanied by animation inserts using special skills.

At the beginning of the game path, we have only a rabbit available, but in the future it becomes possible to access a large number of cards with cartoon characters. Each time a new team is made more difficult, since all the characters are able to improve their abilities and their characteristics.


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