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Clicker Fred is a curious toy clicker with a famous hero, where the user watches the adventures of the main character.

Clickers have long gained a certain popularity due to their simple mechanics - the player should simply constantly press the screen. This application does not give you money when pressed, but it speeds up the character, so you can collect coins faster.

As you progress through the game process, the user gains access to the rest of the game, among which is the purchase of a new character or the breaking of special chests. At the same time, the open character does not replace the existing one, but simply joins open characters, so that after that the whole team goes through the levels.

The application is not divided into several levels, since the clickers have always been endless. However, throughout the game process, we are faced with various stages, which are marked by the emerging figure of the unicorn. In such moments of the game along the way treasure chests may appear. It is also worth remembering the fulfillment of various tasks, which as a result bring experience and money.


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