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Parkour GO (Parkour GO) - a cool analog of the famous application Mirror's Edge for mobile phones.

Appearance of the hero and the environment will immediately lead to the idea of ​​a pioneer of this direction - Mirror's Edge. It is always talked about by experienced gamers when it comes to parkour in games.

The game will not provide an opportunity to confront enemies. The gamer will need to race through the locations and jump over all sorts of obstacles in the form of barriers and walls.

Thus the user can make jumps and crouch during the race (at a speed to slip into small holes). Due to this you will be able to save your time and pass the levels faster.

The game from the first person will present an inexpressible emotion, as it will allow gamers to fully immerse themselves in the game atmosphere. This will add dynamics and increase that increases the interest in the toy.

At that moment only a block of single rounds was released, but in the not too distant future the creators promise to add a full-fledged multiplayer. In addition, there will be a playground where you can practice a lot overcoming all possible obstacles.


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