Kazooloo DMX - AR

Kazooloo DMX - AR
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Kazooloo DMX - AR
Kazooloo DMX - AR
Kazooloo DMX - AR
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Kazooloo DMX-AR is a unique action-application that supports the mode of virtual and augmented realities. The user must enter into battle with various robots in all kinds of arenas.

The process of passing consists of two modes: Survival and Classics. Classic mode involves moving around in a circular arena, where gamers must destroy constantly emerging robots on the field. The last lead us to fire, so we also need to respond the same.

The chosen difficulty level is responsible for the strength of the robots that appear in the arena. Also, there are special areas of red color, for the intersection of which we lose some of the health. The end of the level gives an opportunity to fight with the powerful Boss.

Survival is an endless game in which our main task is not to let the opponents destroy our ward. As soon as this happens, we remain at a loss.

The main feature of the application was its versatility: it is possible to go through the game process both on the smartphone, if there is no additional headset, and on a special game board (for this you just need to give the game access to the device's camera), blasting robots right in your room in augmented reality .


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