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Wobblers (Wobblers) is a colorful arcade timecambler, where gamers are offered a special platform to transfer funny creatures called Wobblers.

As in most of the similar applications, you can not count on the storyline. The task of the player is to operate a medium-sized device for flight in the form of a platform so that the funny character is as high as possible. From above, clumps of ice, explosive mines, meteorites and other unpleasant things fall on the creation, and the edges of the levels in some places cover small areas capable of electric shock. In short, there are plenty of obstacles in the gameplay.

Our platform does not receive any damage from falling objects and electrified walls, but Wobblers at an electric shock can simply appear on the very bottom of the location, because of what the user will lose and will have to pass the entire level anew. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to evade the threatening elements and collect the rest of the creatures that, with the help of parachutes, descend on our platform.

In passing, it is also necessary to select stars, coins and all kinds of boosters that can facilitate the passage.


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