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Gravity Galaxy
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Gravity Galaxy
Gravity Galaxy
Gravity Galaxy
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Gravity Galaxy (Gravity Galaxy) - an exciting arcade application in which the user will overcome the distance while in outer space.

The meaning of the game process is that - under the responsibility of the gamer gets a spaceship: the player is responsible for the direction of the vessel, which moves forward in automatic mode. The final destination of our ship was our planet - Earth.

The vessel makes respites on the planets, which are intermediate. It is very easy to operate a vehicle - only one finger participates in this process. The planets are in constant motion in one direction: clockwise or counterclockwise. For this reason, the player must calculate the appropriate time to activate the engines of his machine.

Each planet has its own zone of attraction, thanks to which the ship changes the trajectory of its movement, skirting a certain area of ​​space. This property helps when circling dangerous areas (some planets are not suitable for landing, so you need to get out of them and continue driving to the nearest stop).


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