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Spider Run
Spider Run
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Spider Run (Spider Run) is a hardcore arcade application about a spider that has been in trouble. Our hero got into the sewers, from which it is difficult to get out. The task of the user is to help the spider to cope with such a difficult mission. To do this, you need to cling to ropes, pipes and other objects located on top, using the main weapon of an insect - a web.

Clinging to one object, the spider swings, as if on a swing. Now you need to release the next thread of the web to move on. The main danger is the fact that the level is gradually approaching our ward, so if you make long decisions, the gameplay will quickly come to an end. Also under the spider on the water various garbage floats, capable to lead the character to death.

On the way, you need to pick up coins of green color, which depicts a spider. There are also red coins, which are not worth collecting, because they do not bring anything good to the hero.

The application refers to hardcore, since the spider does not have any abilities. All that is in his power is to climb a little up his own web. But this opportunity rarely helps the spider survive.


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