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Ninja Tobu (Ninja Tobu) - an exciting arcade game project, which transforms the user into a true ninja.

Gameplay is divided into two modes: Endless and passing tests. In the latter the user receives a specific task - to get to this point, or destroy all the enemy forces.

The player gets under his control a ninja who is able to cling to various ledges and walls. Lifting occurs only upwards. Waving his hand in the required direction, the hero jumps. Also there is an opportunity in the process of jumping once to change the direction of the character. However, when such manipulation is necessary to think in advance the movement of the spikes, which are located directly below the main character. If the ninja touches the sharp spines, it will die pretty quickly.

Some benches are under the control of opponents, but the character is easy to deal with enemies, if sent directly to them. Also in the field appear periodically various bonuses in the form of a shuriken, with which you can kill enemies from a distance, or time dilation due to which the mentee can perform various tricks.


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