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PlanesBattle (Battle Planes) - a fascinating application, which relates to the Fly-shooter. Here the developers are offering us to destroy other users in order to stay alive.

In mechanics the game is similar to the IO project because the problem here is the same - to survive as long as possible, earning game points. Scattered all over the map a certain number of balls bearing points, but gameplay foundation are still battles airspace.

Once inside the room, the users of which quite a number on the server, which was originally difficult to navigate in the follow-up, because around every time someone flies, making shots.

no time limit, so that the user can fly, until it does not destroy the enemy. However, such an outcome the player throws to the main menu. Here you can buy a new ship, which is quite expensive, even the very first. Therefore, while not collected the right amount of money, it is necessary to improve their skills management such means of transportation on a standard ship, provided at first.


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