Babel Running build towers

Arcade, Simulations
Babel Running build towers
3.5 / 4
Babel Running build towers
Babel Running build towers
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Game review Babel Running build towers

Babel Running - known project is the continuation of Babel Rising. Played out here is the same situation, but in each of the games gamer get used to the different roles. So, in Babel Rising player assumed the role of God and all he could to prevent people to build the infamous Tower of Babel. Project so memorable players that even reissued - but in 3D version. And now we wait and the new version of the project! Here the player is becoming a builder and its purpose - to build a tower, despite unexpected obstacles.

What is the actual gameplay?

The player becomes a runner-builder who collects stones to build the Tower of Babel. The player is required only good response in time to "make" your character to jump to the side to escape any danger.

Game design is quite simple - so from the main action will not detract anything. The main thing - do not forget the stones: they are sometimes as large single block, and small pieces. If you manage to find three of these pieces - the player creates a cube. Stones are important in the game - it's not just a building material, but also the opportunity to get an extra life! So, if a player has the stones (as there may be three) and falls into the trap, then one of the stones away. And when all the stones will disappear - the player can count only on themselves, because one bad turn - and the game is over.

What might be an obstacle? A lot of them! This balls that are always ready to roll on the builder and the spikes sticking out of the ground, and crocodiles, and suddenly occurring earthquakes and torrential rains.

This is the case in the classic game mode. There is also a bonus mode, where for all roads are bonus cards to help the builder to pass a difficult path, increase the number of stones, improve power jump, etc.

There are in-game achievements and storage system - at present there are twenty-three awards. And to get them is not necessarily the "hatch" to the screen hours and days - to reach an award is quite simple.

As for drawing the game, it should be noted this is done rather poorly - lines, background, obstacles and other details made vague and ambiguous. More accurate design looks on a small screen. The picture is constantly changing - it is only the foundation of the tower, and that already sprawling city with climbing up the walls. Despite the weak drawing minor details, the main character looks clear and well animated.

In general, no withholding: addictive game - and even a few hours before the screen will be a few minutes.




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