Fishing Time 2016

Arcade, Simulations
Fishing Time 2016
3.5 / 2
Fishing Time 2016
Fishing Time 2016
Fishing Time 2016
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Fishing Time 2016 (Fishing Time 2016) - a good sharp fishing simulator, where you can be in the picturesque corners of the planet and there to catch the biggest fish. After the brief obucheniya where you tell about all the intricacies of the game, you will need to proceed to the most neposredstvenno fishing.

At first, you need to throw your spinning. It is necessary to press the center button when the scale will be in the right place. If you get well, then the probability of catching a big fish on much longer. At the same time the character himself cast fertilizer near the float (if it is in your inventory).

Further will need to wait for fish, and then push on and start spinning hard and long "drive" a fish on a hook. For you need to carefully follow the on-screen scale. When she would come to the top, it is a bit let go of production, so it is not broke the line to the rod. Also you should not completely loosen the tension of the fishing line, and the fish will simply be able to get out and fail.

Catching finally its prey, you can move it to the aquarium or at the same time to sell fish store.


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