Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2
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Toca Kitchen 2
Toca Kitchen 2
Toca Kitchen 2
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Toca Kitchen 2 (Toca Kitchen 2) - non-standard arcade game that will allow you to become a chef, who in the kitchen just a huge number of various products.

No specific tasks or goals in the annex will not be - you simply select the person who will taste dishes and embark on regular cooking culinary masterpieces.

The interface and management here are very simple and clear. On the left will be a refrigerator with fruit, vegetables and all kinds of meats, to the left - a tile, which is all you need to cook. Under the key with images of pepper and salt is hidden panel, with which you get to the condiments and sauces. In the middle will be located a cute kind monster or just a person who waits, and when it has fed.

You will have a choice of hundreds of standard and quite exotic products. In the refrigerator you will find a watermelon, potatoes, chicken drumsticks, sausages, orange carrots, a head of cabbage and a juicy steak. In order to start cooking, is to get out of the refrigerator vegetable or meat products and move to the plate.


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