Super Dangerous Dungeons

Super Dangerous Dungeons
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Super Dangerous Dungeons
Super Dangerous Dungeons
Super Dangerous Dungeons
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Super Dangerous Dungeons (Super Dangerous Dungeons) - Studio Adventure Islands introduced us to a fascinating application in which we encounter a pixel graphic design in a retro style, and excellent voice acting is quite ergonomichnuyu management system. The latter is carried out with the help of virtual buttons: located on the left buttons for movement nashego character, while the right makes the character to bounce.

As the main geroya Here is a funny man, whose name is Timmy. All his life svoyu only those involved that the unceasing search for treasure. Therefore, our main task and sostoit to save him from death during a routine inspection locations.

Almost all the gaming process is developing on the territory of the dungeons, so go through one room and be in the other only through odnu door. The door, of course, was locked, so we need to find the key that is in reach of the world.

Initially, as the barriers will be performing a rather narrow chasm and high walls. To cope with them, just move right yaschiki.spravitsya with them, just move the right boxes.


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