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Nonsense Fall
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Nonsense Fall
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Nonsense Fall (Unprecedented Fall) - a fairly dynamic causal application developers Ketchapp, in which we will try to save their lives while under fire.

Locations in the proposed game limited only by the size of the device screen. In addition, each location had enough bright décor, thereby prohodit gameplay much more fun. Special effects and animations are also well developed, and an excellent soundtrack perfectly complement the gameplay.

The game takes us to the city, where close to cafes and begin to develop. Our character moves on a small heel up and down, screams something and privlekaet attention, actively gesticulating. On a poor main character starts to fall huge size cupcakes, falling missiles and lasers to aim, trying to destroy it.

The task of the user, as you probably already guess uspeli - is to help your mentee to survive under such strange, but quite dangerous fire. Of course, we understand that the main character will die in any case, in the end, but we can at least extend his rich existence of at least a couple of minutes.


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