Power Rangers: UNITE

Power Rangers: UNITE
3.4 / 5
Power Rangers: UNITE
Power Rangers: UNITE
Power Rangers: UNITE
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Power Rangers: UNITE (cosmic Ranger: Association) - Card application, which was created based on the popular worldwide children's series about the colorful superheroes.

The Rangers, who gathered from different worlds, were in a great team to fight hand in hand with universal evil. During battles heroes will meet with a lot of different monsters and creatures of the devil.

In the presented card game the user is asked to play the familiar rules. The player has a deck in which there are all sorts of different creatures and spells. Each card imeet its price, expressed in the manna. Mann will gradually accumulate, whereby it will be possible to use additional maps in time.

In one move, you can only use so many cards that allows energy reserve player. It is necessary to carefully examine each property specific card. The card can be responsible for the increase in the force of being, to transform the hero into a powerful robot and destroy random enemy.

The opponents will be playing cards one by one, attacking the opponent.


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