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Nuclear inc
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Nuclear inc
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Nuclear inc
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Nuclear inc (Nuclear Corporation) - the original version of the simulator, which has the ability to get under their leadership this nuclear power plant, which is difficult to manage.

Nuclear power plant - a very dangerous building, so every day of his work is related to any danger, as the processing of nuclear energy - not an easy task.

The user has to deal with all the dangerous situations in the course of the power plant and to extract as much energy in a limited period of time.

A small room contains a special unit, which is a getter electricity. To start the installation to produce energy, it must be maximized. However, it is also necessary to ensure that the installation is not too hot.

Adjust the temperature is by using a special valve. The above mentioned valve is, the greater the speed warmed special container filled with radioactive elements. Particularly high temperature will quickly enough to cope with the production of electricity, but it raises the level of risk to blow up the whole plant.


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