Robot Conqueror

Arcade, Strategy
Robot Conqueror
2.6 / 5
Robot Conqueror
Robot Conqueror
Robot Conqueror
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Robot Conqueror (Robot Conqueror) - Military application arcade about a robot that fell the task to conquer the world.

Huge metal elements of drone flying through the territory of the Galaxy and destroys military units inhabited by living beings of the planet. It guides users are invited to become weapons in the infantry units of the robot and the powerful technique of other planets.

So far, the robot will peacefully march forward, it is necessary to draw special characters on the screen that activate the embattled slave and forced to destroy all the enemies that will arise on the way.

Round symbol triggers the shield that protects the robot from the damage caused by the enemy. Curl activates the flame thrower, able in a few seconds to destroy foot units. Triangle produces powerful missiles smashing the enemy's equipment. The laser is able to smash opponents protective construction.

During the capture of one or another of the planet must be rationally use weapons, using appropriate symbols for a particular opponent. Fire useless against tanks and other robots and the laser will not be able to destroy the infantry.


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