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Feed The Bear
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Feed The Bear
Feed The Bear
Feed The Bear
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Feed The Bear (Feed the Bear) - addictive arcade game for children with a decent hand-drawn graphics and fascinating history.

Brown bear in the years became the king of the timber, but he spilled so much that dazhe budge for him impossible task. So he forced his players prihoditsya feed him fruits and vegetables. Animals were scared that a hungry bear can eat just those who reached him food, and they invented a special machine with which the pomoschyu meal service.

You will visit the small forest, where you will help the whole army of animals to fatten the huge king of beasts. It is you who will be driving a specially crafted gun that throws food. Have nastraivat it so that the fruit fell into the mouth tochno Mixe. But not everything will be just as mozhet seem ... After two initial rounds will begin really complex mission, which will have to carefully calculate the flying fruit. Often on the way shells will appear obstacles in the form of crates and barrels, so you need to carefully go around them.

Next you will meet also with other hungry inhabitants of the forest.


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