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I Hate Fish
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I Hate Fish
I Hate Fish
I Hate Fish
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I Hate Fish (I hate fish) - this is a fun toy arcade gameplay in which the player will find himself not as a fisherman, how could pokazatsya if only come from the name of the game, and as a small worm.

The user will have to experience for svoey skin all the difficulties unfortunate existence of a worm, who was in the waters where the usual huge kolichestvo dangerous for him fish. To be on the same level with the water, and residents have at least some protection, a small worm is equipped with a large number of raznoobraznogo weapons and equipped to a high-tech special suit. The only thing that saves the hero from instant death.

The worm will drift techeniyu, but it should not be underestimated, is the creation of poskolku has the ability to do anything that will help him to ignore the basic principles in the food chain.

Throughout each level otdenogo «I Hate Fish» user will overcome the small section of the total area. The player must keep track of the level of health of the hero, as well as the presence of oxygen supply, as breathe underwater earthworms have not yet learned.


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