Optical Inquisitor

Arcade, Simulations
Optical Inquisitor
3 / 8
Optical Inquisitor
Optical Inquisitor
Optical Inquisitor
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Optical Inquisitor (Optical Inquisitor) - For several years the topic of assassins still can not leave the smart head developer of gaming applications. Due to this there are increasing variety of toys, where the main character is a mercenary acts. Submitted an application just is a prominent representative of such a game.

Yes, this profession is not regarded as a noble, but many users would like to be in the role of the "employee". This application will help you to realize our plans and really take the place of one of these guys.

Here you can find not only all the features of such a profession, but also learn to properly adjust the murder so that get away with it, as they say.

Design in this application is quite strange, but it is also interesting how raz due to its originality. Every single character is drawn, highly detailed, allowing you to further consider heroes. The main characters are represented here are classic men whom we used to see on the road signs.


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