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iKungfu (Master of Kung Fu) - of course, using the name you have given your creation game developers, it becomes clear what kind of sport you have to deal with on the whole game from the process protyazhenii. You will need to be brought here as a kung fu warrior who decided to save the beautiful and fragile girl who became a plaything for bullies.

You have a huge number of game levels, presented in this application, where you have to face a lot of angry enemies and their bosses. When you win one of the enemies, you will earn points EXP, with which you can unlock new weapons, as well as increase some performance impact forces.

Combos you can use, when the scale of rage your character will reach its peak. It will be filled until you defeat the enemy. Using the combo, you can immediately eliminate all the villains that will stay in the given location.

The controls are very simple, so you can quickly immerse yourself in the atmosphere of heroic battles skontsentrirovatsya your character and the game, and not be distracted by the complexity of the management.


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