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Banana Kong
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Banana Kong
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Banana Kong (Banana and Monkey) - all fans of the cartoon character Mowgli dedicated! Get into this cool adventure in the jungle, rainy tropics and in dark caves.

You have to play for a monkey, or rather large monkey, true king of bananas. Gameplay will be to what the player will need to constantly run, jump, squirm, that the king of bananas could stay alive after this adventure. Simply put, anything new you will not find, but that's a pretty setting will please you for sure.

Keep the game under control from the process due to very high quality control system.

You can even sits astride a boar and ride on the bungee, flying dangerous objects by type of large crocodiles, boulders, and boiling lava piranha. Nature - it is your opponent who is capable of much and it should not be underestimated. Keep this in mind constantly and vashi chances of winning increase.

At that time, as your hero to wade through dense jungle - you can win the championship among his friends. This is possible due to the in-game service that finds your mates on social networks. So you will always be able to compare your scores with friends, and will know what to strive for.


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