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Run Sheldon
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Run Sheldon
Run Sheldon
Run Sheldon
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Run Sheldon (Run, Sheldon) - toy will enable us to have some fun with extraordinary sprinter.

Prove to the world that there is no one faster than you!

This toy recently held competitions, which were to decide the eternal question, who still faster tortoise or the hare, and who would have thought! Tortoise won it. Rabbits are very indignant such an eventuality, they plotted a complex matter, which was crowned the winner of kidnapping cube. But it turned turtle knowingly received her prize. This is what you will argue eared. Run away with his prize, again proving who's the fastest.

Then combined two game genres: platformers and runners. By Runner game is attributed to the character's movement forward constantly, and it acts as a platform, because the path is multilevel. Your hero can not only be worn quickly, but also to jump high, and how long you touch the screen, so high turtle and fly. And if you tap the screen vozdehe, you will see flying turtles, though not from the last long, and obstacles in this will be the same dangerous.

Game is fun, funny and perfectly able to pass the time.


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