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Drop the Box
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Drop the Box (Throwing Boxes) - not a very well known company dirtyBit decided to have their say in the industry of gaming entertainment and presented their work to the android users. Drop the Box - is largely a simple simulation of post offices, where your goal - to safely move goods from one point A to another.

The game world in Drop the Box is divided into 4 zones, and they in turn on 18 stages, each with its own unique riddles and puzzles, which will need to be engaged in delivery of different complexity. Do not be stagnant throughout all levels of only one thing - a stage will be two pipes to supply and receive cargo, and another 5 boxes, each of which must be at the final destination.

Your main goal - the optimization of the delivery process through various means. In general, you will want to place the guides because of the different materials in order to point the way to the reception, you could collect all the coins that are scattered throughout the level. But instruct an infinite number of segments does not work, will be at the top of the scale, which shows how much more remains to guide you.

Shipping came to where you need to be able to use conveyors, teleporters, large fans and other devices, which will be on the screen.


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