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Tree Jumper
Tree Jumper
Tree Jumper
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Tree Jumper (Jumper Tree) - If you enter the number of those who are fond of protein, but not as strong after effects of any alcohol intoxication or as a clutch for themselves in the cold season, just for you and expected the developers of this game.

You will be able to play in the Tree Jumper, if you have a phone system program supports Android, as well as to have the least understanding of the English language, because this program is not Russified.

The developers of the game tout it as the most prosperous follower of the game called Doodle Jump, using three-dimensional space.

You will manage a squirrel, which will be colored blue. Jumping from one branch to another branch, located at incredibly high and beautiful tree, you'll have to try hard to get as high as possible. Also, do not forget to collect the nuts, which will meet on your way, and, of course, avoid collisions with your enemies. In the game you can still gather up a large number of game bonuses that will be completely different character, but it is very useful in their own way. The game is fascinating and entertaining.


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