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EGGGZ (eggs) - If you have ever had to play in an exciting and dynamic game called "Catch the eggs," that is already familiar with the rules and evaluate it and also on Android. EGGGZ is a classic game of "Catch the eggs", but now in a slightly different version.

At the very beginning of the game you have to build up the farm. There you just have to do with divorce conventional chickens. When chicken eggs demolished, then your goal will be to collect them. Sometimes you will see some of the ordinary and the golden egg, which then you can if you want to exchange for a variety of bonuses. Bonuses received as a result of the exchange can be spent on improving the various equipment needed to conduct farming activities.

Through the use of performance bonuses received hens eggs will increase, but at the expense of the well-being and your farm.

Gameplay entice each player by their simplicity, beautiful graphics and great music.

Win a company, having a large number of specially trained missions. Upgrade and improve your farm to continue to receive more bonuses and earnings!


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