Angry Temple Gorilla

Angry Temple Gorilla
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Angry Temple Gorilla
Angry Temple Gorilla
Angry Temple Gorilla
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Angry Temple Gorilla (Gorilla Angry Temple) - we play this game for a good and innocent gorilla. She loves to chew on coconuts, do nothing and just sunbathing, lying around in the sun. But this blissful state violated the rule of shameless animals who dare to try and steal a gorilla food reserves.

Grab everything you see, and sound arrogant animals. The game you are sure to please his cool graphics, animation, and quality voice acting funny. To control the gorilla, you will need to tilt your phone. Animals, too, will fight back, so I have to constantly jump to save his life.

Simply put, Angry Temple Gorilla - it's arcade game where you have to defend at all costs its territory. Gorilla and your pacifist and no one really was not going to run around, but when these insolent broke into her house - her nothing more left to do.

Passing through the levels you'll see how the game become more difficult. And how are these treacherous upstart animals.

Among the features worth noting that you will be able to receive bonuses if, for example, be able to shoot down the bird (it is valued at as much as 25 bonus points) alligator - 10, but for the turtle you take away 10 points.


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