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Operation Wow (Operation Wow) - Many players who have ever heard of the arcade 80-ies and 90-ies, is not familiar with the most famous at the time, but quite a popular game called Operation Wolf.

Operation Wow is an excellent representative of the first-person shooter. However, this is not your average shooter, but with elements of the game in the dash. In this game the same way as earlier in Operation Wolf, you must kill crowds of enemies and save hostages captured by them.

Although Operation Wowi created as an extension of Operation Wolf, on its basis, yet has suffered several changes: graphics redrawn, thus now it looks like cartoon and history, developed in the game, split into a couple of pieces changed significantly. The game has a total of six very exciting levels that are recreated with startling thoroughness and trepidation, and soldiers belonging to the enemy troops, remained the same. Look forward to this game a variety of tanks, self-propelled vehicles, unwieldy aircraft, infantry fighting vehicles and other types of military equipment.

Amazing and outstanding feature is that the screen at the same time will take all ten fingers.


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