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Brutal Fighter Street
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Brutal Fighter Street
Brutal Fighter Street
Brutal Fighter Street
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Brutal Fighter Street (Brutal Street Fighter) - a single application-fighting game, where the user must crack down on bullies.

Before moving to the level, you must first choose a fighter, with which we are going to do it. In the application there are several characters, but in the first stages we have access to only one. Now the user is at the level (the location in the game does not change).

The developers did not bother to create a variety, due to which the opponents are not particularly different from each other. However, this fact did not affect the gameplay itself, since the character perfectly owns a variety of techniques from various types of martial arts.

Also, as a bonus, the user from time to time gets at his disposal a weapon. So, a pistol or a knife will allow a little faster to deal with opponents. The first levels can be passed and with the help of only kulaks, but in the future the enemies already know how to put blocks and strike at the most inopportune moments.

Each level assumes the destruction of all the bandits. As soon as the last bully appears on the asphalt, the level is completed.


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