Kingsman - The Secret Service

Kingsman - The Secret Service
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Kingsman - The Secret Service
Kingsman - The Secret Service
Kingsman - The Secret Service
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Kingsman - The Secret Service (Secret Service Kingsmen) - platformer in the cartoon style with elements of the action, which is created on the basis of the eponymous film. Also there are several elements of the strategy.

We, as an agent working for a secret service called Kingsmen, need to overcome dozens of rather difficult levels in order to obtain the necessary information for the government. We are expecting challenging and exciting tasks and classic gameplay. The user must defend the secret headquarters from the other players online.

The game process consists of performing certain tasks, which are divided into levels. The types of missions are different, which makes them much more interesting. Before us can set the task of hacking computers that are present at the level, do not get under the CCTV cameras and at the same time remain unnoticed throughout the task, crack down on security, etc.

To control your hero, we use an invisible joystick located on the left side of the screen. Also there are svaypas in the right area, responsible for jumping. The right part of the screen contains buttons, thanks to which we can switch weapons and skills.


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