Super Goku Jungle Run

Super Goku Jungle Run
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Super Goku Jungle Run - a beautiful and bright platformer, which very successfully copies the idea and style of one of the best games of all time "Super Mario".

You will play for the very popular hero of the anime genre Goku. The hero can transform into several forms of Sayan, thereby greatly increasing his life and throwing fireballs.

The hero's journey will take place in locations with high platforms, coins and various living creatures. In the application there will be only six world-locations. And in every world you are waiting for 10 levels. To open the next, at all the stages will have to deal with the collection of coins and make it to the finish line before the timer runs out. In the case of a successful layout for the passage you will get already three stars, to which, and eventually the key will be exchanged from the next level.

Separately, you need to remember about the perfectly traced backdrops on the locations, the detailing will give pleasure for a very long time. Control the hero you will be at the expense of the classic screen joystick. The very process of the game is almost entirely borrowed from the legendary Mario, even the sounds will be very similar.

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