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Armored Kitten
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Armored Kitten (Armed Kitten) - a smart "cat's" application-shooter, where the user must be saved from evil zombies, as well as other monsters.

An unknown reason made zombies, demons of hell and other evil spirits appear on Earth's territory. Mankind is now exposed to danger, and it will be possible to save people only a steep cat with a shotgun in its paws and in power armor.

Humor in the presented game is also present: in addition to overcoming a large number of levels and making shots in all sorts of creatures, the user should also use various boosters, for example, ozverin. Another player must restore the level of health. This is obtained by using ordinary condensed milk.

With a successful passage, we earn a certain amount of special currency as a test tube, which contains a yellow liquid. Such a reward can be spent on improving the skills of the cat or to acquire new weapons, the species of which there is plenty: we can use both a simple automatic machine and a trunk from the quas.

To pass dynamic gameplay to users it is necessary with convenient management and the interface in Russian.


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