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Dungeon Commandos (Storm Dungeons) - quite an original first-person shooter game, which the developers have created in a stylish graphic design.

The action of the application unfolds in some incomprehensible ancient dungeons, in which a large number of chests are located, inside each of which jewels are hidden. Only instead of the minotaurs, the living skeletons or demons, our brave fighters appear as our opponents, which can be found here at every turn. They only dream of having to deal with the main character with the help of their bullets. We, in turn, must destroy their opponents and advance on the proposed location.

Each subsequent battle is a "wave": we have a restriction as a barricade, which can not be crossed until all enemy units are destroyed. Enemy combat units appear one after another: as soon as we deal with one, a new enemy enters the portal. So continues until we can not kill all the enemies.

To achieve this goal, you can use a variety of weapons, which, of course, limited the number of cartridges.


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