Gun War SWAT Terrorist Strike

Gun War SWAT Terrorist Strike
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Gun War SWAT Terrorist Strike - a great action-shooter, which is performed in a shooting range. Here the user is invited to enter into battle with a large number of enemies, as well as improve the characteristics of his hero.

If the Gun War SWAT Terrorist Strike is without shelter, then immediately on our character is shot perfectly armed representatives of the terrorist organization, while using a variety of weapons. Among our opponents there are grenade launchers, snipers and submachine gunners, who are able to turn the protector of the protagonist into a handful of dust, so you will soon have to find a new place to hide from shells.

In addition to standard soldiers, we can also be attacked by bosses, in whose role are powerful mercenaries or military equipment (helicopters and others). We can also use the bazooka, which can save us even the most difficult and dangerous troubles.

With the successful completion of the mission, we earn gold bullion as a reward, thanks to which you can gradually raise the level of your character's equipment, acquire new weapons or hire a new soldier in your undefeated squad.


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