Tentacles - Enter the Mind

Tentacles - Enter the Mind
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Tentacles - Enter the Mind - an incredibly stylish toy-action game, which you can spend hours with great pleasure.

The user has to get acquainted with some brilliant professor, who instead of a human head appeared muzzle of a dolphin. At one time, this character crossed different living beings, trying to bring out new species.

But only the results were not too successful - the professor came out as a result of ugly beasts. This outcome was clearly not pleased with the genius, on the basis of which he went crazy. Now he had an insidious idea in his brain to destroy all life together with the world in which the beings dwell.

To realize our conceived character decides with the help of his embittered creatures. The user also has to act as a subconscious of the mad genius and try to cope with the madness of the professor, so that as a result he returns to the normal course of his brilliant life.

Under our control is a kind of black creature that is capable of releasing long tentacles and thus moving around the mind of the professor. Along the way, we pick up coins, fight, and when we win, we eat different opponents, which can be lively eyes.


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