Mad GunZ - online shooter

Mad GunZ - online shooter
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Mad GunZ - online shooter - a really crazy online game shooter, where you are in danger of shooting, and full of all sorts of weapons, well, it was not without a part of the insanity.

Everything starts with waking up early in the morning right on the floor of your own apartment, you will follow your furry cat in order to feed it. But you do not want your cat, what you offer him, but asks to open the refrigerator. You will take this action and find yourself in another world, where an incomprehensible military man and his fellow bearded fairy are already waiting for you. It is he who will teach you shooting from the machine gun and flinging incomprehensible fluffy exploding shells. After that, you will pass a large massive door and immediately find yourself in the thick of the battle. The goal here is only one - to kill everything that gets in your eyes. After death you will appear in an arbitrary place and the battle will continue.

In addition to the full action in the multiplayer in Mad GunZ - online shooter will also be the game mode in the Arena and the Test mode. Murders will give you experience and an opportunity to enrich yourself to make an upgrade.


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