Sword of Justice hack & slash

Sword of Justice hack & slash
3.5 / 2
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Sword of Justice hack slash (Sword of Justice) - cool stylish slasher with non-standard control and addictive gameplay.

To destroy appearing around enemies, you have to constantly press the screen, so the hero will make sharp jerks and hit opponents with a sharp and heavy sword. You can just race, too, but with a sword it's much more interesting and epic. You will be resisted by trained ninjas, samurai, archers, suicide bombers, sorcerers and other powerful evil. Of some units after the death will appear gold bars, which must certainly be collected.

The finances earned in Sword of Justice hack slash can be spent on the upgrade of the character's health, the speed of his attack and the damage power, as well as the pumping skills that will gradually become available to players with a rise in level. For example, you get a shield that will defend against damage or a magnet to collect gold. The application is very bright and fun, so do not hesitate to download the toy and enjoy the game process.


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