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Bushido Saga (Saga Bushido) is a good action-action game about samurai, where the user must fight with the forces of Evil.

Our master is going to attack the dark forces, which we have to face. Having a samurai sword at our disposal, we go to the palace of our lord, simultaneously dealing with other samurais.

However, finding ourselves at the goal, we understand that the demons of darkness have already dealt with the defenders of the castle, and managed to achieve their goal. Our ward is defeated in battle with the leader of the dark forces. After that, we wake up from sleep and realize that all these activities were just a nightmare. It's only with time that it turns out that the dream eventually turns out to be prophetic.

The system of battles in the Bushido Saga is diverse and dynamic. You can strike with the help of svaypov on the screen. In order to put the block, you need to press two fingers on the screen and hold them. It is also possible to parry attacks and use various types of cold weapons, including small arms. Such features of the game process create more interesting conduct of battles.


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