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Gentleman Ninja
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Gentleman Ninja
Gentleman Ninja
Gentleman Ninja
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Gentleman Ninja (Ninja Gentleman) - another unusual arcade app featuring ninja peers who on android has not yet appeared.

The name of the game immediately tells the story of the main character, which is offered to us and to manage. The user needs to move on the location, while cracking down on opponents. Last is divided into two colors: red and siniyu. To destroy each of the enemies, you must use the appropriate button on the screen.

The complexity of the passage way was the continuously collapsing floor underfoot our ward. This feature makes us move forward as quickly as possible to stay alive. If the gamer makes a mistake, attacking blue ninja red button, the main character gets a crushing blow is thrown back, in consequence of that we are losing.

The end of each stage of the journey involves opening doors using special simultaneously pressing two buttons. There also have the opportunity to be in the abyss, if you do not activate buttons simultaneously, so it is necessary to act carefully.


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