Song of Pan

Song of Pan
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Song of Pan
Song of Pan
Song of Pan
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Song of Pan (Pan's Song) - play project puzzle, where the user is prompted to save the sheep, coping with orders of Zeus.

We find ourselves in the role of novice satire, traveling along the slopes of the famed mountain called Olympus. We need to collect all the sheep that were scattered on all sides. At our disposal there is a magic flute, playing tunes on which we are able to get the animals presented to follow us. To activate the flute, you need to collect items dangling in the air tunes.

Complication is that the melody is quite short. For this reason, at a fast pace in the lead sheep pen. The more music we can raise, the more time we currently provide. If the user wants, it is possible to interrupt the flute using a blue cross.

Of course, as you progress through the levels, to cope with the task will be harder: gradually appear blocks that need to move, to go ahead and unlock the path, as well as mobile platforms and other complications.


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