Metal Soldiers

Metal Soldiers
3.5 / 2
Metal Soldiers
Metal Soldiers
Metal Soldiers
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Metal Soldiers (Soldiers of Metal) - rannernoe unique application that copies the style of the popular toy called Metal Slug. The protagonist here obezbashennym became a soldier who has seen a large amount of trouble on his way and ready to say goodbye to his life on the battlefield.

Our warrior is sent to a horrifying place - dozens of soldiers, high-tech production and complete devastation. We are here to play the role of a cleaner, using fire and sword.

slave is controlled using the jump button, the shot, and of course, the key movement. Ward will not move automatically, guided by an unknown force - are moving on their own.

As with the other representatives of the genre, the player's task - to collect the largest possible number of points held out a little longer in the gameplay. To do this, you must kill the enemies on your way and pick up coins, and "time". The money needed for the "rebirth" of the protagonist, and the time, respectively, provides an opportunity to continue the game, taking advantage of not only 25 seconds, which was originally given to overcome the way.


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