Killer Bean Unleashed

Killer Bean Unleashed
2.6 / 5
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Killer Bean Unleashed (Killer Bean's Freedom) - a dynamic application-shooter, which uses a side view and implemented a good 3D-graphics and addictive gameplay.

As the protagonist performs a professional assassin, who looks quite original. Our main character is a grain of beans, which for some reason is dressed in a red suit and has a large number of various weapons. Due to the uniqueness of the character behind it is quite fun to watch, and the gameplay this becomes more interesting and original.

The gameplay is quite realistic physics and excellent responsiveness to control the main character. The latter is performed by means of several active buttons. On the left side of the screen is the arrow, responsible for the movement of the character. From above you can change the type of weapon more appropriate in a particular situation, to see the number of opponents on the field, and also check the remaining life of stock at our ward. Also there is the ability to customize the management so that the player was even easier to overcome tasks and deal with enemies.


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