Assassin's Creed Unity

Assassin's Creed Unity
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Assassin's Creed Unity
Assassin's Creed Unity
Assassin's Creed Unity
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Assassin's Creed Unity (Assassin Creed Unity) - in the toy presented combined several popular game genres: Action, Simulation management of the ship, as well as an arcade. Developers famous series of gaming applications put aside conflicts that develop between the Templars and the Assassins, and laid the basis for the history of the lives of ordinary pirates.

The gameplay also changed: fun jumping from the towers, and bloodthirsty murder changed to battles that are developing only at a distance using a weapon that is available on board.

However, the studio Ubisoft retained the distinctive features of the popular Assassin's Creed: dynamic developments and hostilities, as well as an interesting game storyline left. User does not have time to get bored, as the gameplay is quite rich.

Actions are in the sea, so the player has to move constantly to cope with the mission. You can manually control the ship, catching up units and turn the steering wheel, or schematic. If you choose the latter option, you can speed up the process of navigation, but manual control of a little more interesting.


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