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Tank Fury 3D
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Tank Fury 3D
Tank Fury 3D
Tank Fury 3D
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Tank Fury 3D (Furious Tank) - a simulator of the game in the tank warfare, the creation of which game developers involved in the company under the name of «Noumena Innovations». You will manage these iron and intimidating his appearance combat vehicles that took part in the Second World War. You will play against the other players, and your task will be to provide them with decent resistance.

Parties involved in the war, will be in this game two: Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Each of these countries will have in its arsenal of four different in their characteristics and capabilities of the tank: T-26 and Pz-3, which are light, HF-2, and Pz-4 - medium and heavy "Panther" and is a last modification of the most famous in the world and 34 matches as a heavy IS-2 and the "Tiger".

Quite a number of cards that you will use to carry out military operations. On the cards are a variety of plains, hills, small mountains, rarely you will be able to catch houses and lonely stand of trees.

You can play two game modes: one would need to capture and hold for some time the area, and the second largest number of destroyed enemies.


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