Battle of Tallarn

Battle of Tallarn
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Battle of Tallarn
Battle of Tallarn
Battle of Tallarn
Battle of Tallarn
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Battle of Tallarn (Battle for Tallarn) - an interesting turn-based strategy, the actions in which will unfold directly into the Warhammer universe.

When you start the toy, you immediately have a great desire to immediately find yourself right on the battlefield. If the gamer is not yet completely familiar with the game mechanics of such applications, the training mode will help him.

For some, it will be a big disadvantage that the application does not have Russian language. But people who are not so far from English will easily understand the intricacies of the game process.

The strategy will consist of a couple of modes, among which will be three interesting campaigns and a simple mission mode. In all modes before the gamer will be set a specific goal, and still will be given a limited number of units.

It is worth noting that the toy will please you with a huge amount of military equipment (as many as 66 types), as well as an arsenal of 55 weapons.

Any action in the Battle of Tallarn should be supported by tactical designs, since only one wrong move can spoil the whole battle in the long term.


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